Stephanie A. Smith

Selected Works

WARPAINT is a lyrical, emotionally charged novel about three American women painters (Liz Moore, C.C. Dyer and Quiola Kerr) at a crucial juncture: C.C. is diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer and must fight for her life. All three come together for a Liz Moore retrospective at MOMA in April 2002, just before C.C.'s radical mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy, a course of treatment which will eventuate in C.C. making a choice about her life and career, a choice that will have far-reaching and unforeseen consequences.
In the 21st century, humankind stands on the brink of extinction. The combined forces of environmental decay and debilitating diseases have brought civilization to a standstill. In a small Oregon community, however, a few survivors struggle to come to terms with the strange mutations that have transformed their children into the only hope for a viable future.
Household Words chronicles the endurance of American common sense through the language of politics.

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