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WARPAINT is a lyrical, emotionally charged novel about three American women painters (Liz Moore, C.C. Dyer and Quiola Kerr) at a crucial juncture: C.C. is diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer and must fight for her life. All three come together for a Liz Moore retrospective at MOMA in April 2002, just before C.C.'s radical mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy, a course of treatment which will eventuate in C.C. making a choice about her life and career, a choice that will have far-reaching and unforeseen consequences.
In the 21st century, humankind stands on the brink of extinction. The combined forces of environmental decay and debilitating diseases have brought civilization to a standstill. In a small Oregon community, however, a few survivors struggle to come to terms with the strange mutations that have transformed their children into the only hope for a viable future.
Household Words chronicles the endurance of American common sense through the language of politics.

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The first in a trilogy

Stephanie A. Smith took her PhD at Berkeley in 1990 is currently a professor of English at the University of Florida. She has published three novels, Snow-Eyes, The Boy Who Was Thrown Away (Atheneum 1985, 1987), Other Nature (MacMillan, 1995), two works of criticism, Conceived By Liberty (Cornell 1995) and Household Words (Minnesota, 2006) along with a number of essays and short stories. She has held fiction residencies at Dorland, Norcroft and Hedgebrook, and has worked at Provincetown Fine Arts Center; in 1998, she held a summer NEH grant at UCLA.

In December of 2012, she signed a three novel contract with THAMES RIVER PRESS ( in London. The three novels, WAR-PAINT (August 2012), BABY ROCKET (December 2012) and CONTENT BURNS (2013) are intertwined by love and friendship, and deal with contemporary women who are struggling to balance art, love, illness and trauma. War-paint is about three women painters who must come to terms with imminent mortality and artistic frustrations; Baby Rocket is the story of an abandoned, adopted child, who, as an adult, must heal these ruptures in her past, and Content Burns follows two women in the same family separated by three centuries, both of whom survive historical trauma: the massacre of the Pequot tribe in 1634 and the loss of the Twin Towers on 9/​11.

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Stephanie A. Smith is currently working on several manuscripts, including THE MUSE AND THE MARKETPLACE, a critical text, and ASTEROIDEA, a novel.

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